Selma Piro

Preparing for the future

The Greater Community Way of Knowledge

My spiritual path is a multi-faith practice, which is self-study & a free PDF to download: “Steps to Knowledge – the book of inner knowing.”

This is the same inner knowing described by various faith traditions, as the kingdom within, the jewel in the heart, the place of inner peace and stillness etc, and can therefore be practised regardless of religion, beliefs or non-beliefs.

“When you allow uncertainty to exist, it means that you are becoming honest, for in truth you are uncertain. In allowing uncertainty to exist, you are becoming patient, for it requires patience to regain your certainty. In allowing uncertainty to exist, you are becoming tolerant. You are stepping back from judgement and becoming a witness of life within you and of life around you. Accept uncertainty today so that you may learn. Without presumption, you will seek Knowledge. Without judgement, you will realise your own true need.”

For me Steps to Knowledge is the most pure, powerful and potent practice that I have found on the planet now, as well as being accessible, free and self-study.  There are many Ways, but the teachers are hard to find and access, not being mainstream.  However, for some it may be suitable to try to find that rare priest who can put you in touch with the Kingdom within, or the monk who can activate the jewel in your Heart.  You must find the path that works for you.

“It is not accurate to say that you are in relationship with everyone. Ultimately this is true. But in practical terms, relationships are for the purpose of functioning in a specific way in a specific place for a certain amount of time.

It is true you are related to all life. It is true you are bonded with all life. It is true that you are fundamentally one with all life. But when we speak of relationship we are speaking of functioning in a specific way in a limited context. Therefore, your relationships in the world must be understood as functioning in a specific way in a limited context. The world is a limited context. Your activities in the world are based upon specific activities with certain people for specific immediate purposes.”

RELATIONSHIPS AND HIGHER PURPOSE Chapter 7: Your Relationship with the Unknown

I am looking for people who are preparing for the future; who understand that the planet is changing and that we are going through a transition and need to adapt and grow.  Do you see the need for development?  How do you see yourself contributing to the movement of life towards a more sustainable non-violent yet expressive and self-determined future?  Are you part of this freedom movement?


“You need only follow the steps and utilise them. The steps that are given will guarantee the result.” Steps to Knowledge – the Book of Inner Knowing: Step 265 There is a greater freedom awaiting me.